M. Alfaro-Poncea, A .Argüelles, Chairez I.
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems ( Volume: 25, Issue: 3, March 2014 )
Publication year: 2014

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This paper presents the design of a complex-valued differential neural network identifier for uncertain nonlinear systems defined in the complex domain. This design includes the construction of an adaptive algorithm to adjust the parameters included in the identifier. The algorithm is obtained based on a special class of controlled Lyapunov functions. The quality of the identification process is characterized using the practical stability framework. Indeed, the region where the identification error converges is derived by the same Lyapunov method. This zone is defined by the power of uncertainties and perturbations affecting the complex-valued uncertain dynamics. Moreover, this convergence zone is reduced to its lowest possible value using ideas related to the so-called ellipsoid methodology. Two simple but informative numerical examples are developed to show how the identifier proposed in this paper can be used to approximate uncertain nonlinear systems valued in the complex domain.
Complex-valued neuronal networks, continuous neuronal network, controlled Lyapunov function, nonparametric identifier.


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