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Itzamá López-Yáñez, Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez, Oscar Camacho-Nieto, Mario Aldape-Pérez, Amadeo-Jóse Argüelles-Cruz
Computing for Human Learning, Behaviour and Collaboration in the Social and Mobile Networks Era Special Issue. Computers in Human Behavior. 51(B): 938-944. ISSN 0747-5632.
Publication year: 2015



Pedagogical experiences in postgraduate level courses are presented.Students use computational tools and repositories in collaborative learning.Problems in medical environments, pollutants, and concept lattices are tackled.The enhancement of teaching-learning processes by collaborative learning is shown. Nowadays, we are immersed in the social and mobile networks era. As a positive consequence of this, collaborative and mobile learning in educational environments have been encouraged thanks to the use of computing for human learning. By coupling the advantages of collaborative and mobile learning, the teaching-learning processes involved in postgraduate courses may be greatly enhanced. The pedagogical experiences in this regard lived by the authors in the Alpha-Beta Research Group when coupling collaborative and mobile learning in the context of postgraduate level courses, are presented in this paper.


  • Collaborative learning;
  • Postgraduate level courses;
  • Mobile learning;
  • Mobile networks;
  •  Social networks;