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M. Alfaro-Poncea, A .Argüelles, Chairez I.
Neural Networks Volume 60, December 2014, Pages 53-66
Publication year: 2014


Time-delay systems have been successfully used to represent the complexity of some dynamic systems. Time-delay is often used for modeling many real systems. Among others, biological and chemical plants have been described using time-delay terms with better results than those models that have not consider them. However, getting those models represented a challenge and sometimes the results were not so satisfactory. Non-parametric modeling offered an alternative to obtain suitable and usable models. Continuous neural networks (CNN) have been considered as a real alternative to provide models over uncertain non-parametric systems. This article introduces the design of a specific class of non-parametric model for uncertain time-delay system based on CNN considering the so-called delayed learning laws analysis. The convergence analysis as well as the learning laws were produced by means of a Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional. Three examples were developed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the modeling process forced by the identifier proposed in this study. The first example was a simple nonlinear model used as benchmark example. The second example regarded the human immunodeficiency virus dynamic behavior is used to show the performance of the suggested non-parametric identifier based on CNN for no fictitious neither academic models. Finally, a third example describing the evolution of hepatitis B virus served to test the identifier presented in this study and was also useful to provide evidence of its superior performance against a non-delayed identifier based on CNN.


Time-delay uncertain systems, Continuous neural networks, Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional

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