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Mario Matamoros de Luis, Amadeo J. Argüelles Cruz, Abril V. Uriarte Arcia, Cornelio Yáñez Márquez
Computing for Human Learning, Behaviour and Collaboration in the Social and Mobile Networks Era Special Issue. Computers in Human Behavior. 51(B): 792-802. ISSN 0747-5632.
Publication year: 2015


The study of the influence of the Green Information Technology (GIT), using their potential to reduce the negative impact of the exhaust emission produced by light-duty vehicles, attending verification compliance to circulate in urban areas, is the main topic of the present contribution. Data collected through surveys answered by car owners in Mexico City, place the attention over the knowledge of the official exhaust emission test, their general acceptance, and the understanding of the exhaust test context, once they have received information from the proposed GIT (pGIT). The surveys consider the behavioral intention, attitude toward behavior, perceived usefulness, social influence and volitional control constructs to estimate response of car owners to the concerns about the pollutant emission and their willingness to change their position toward the pollutant emission reduction. The results show the interest of car owners to participate in a collaborative process, and develop positive attitude to cooperate in a social dilemma by considering the use of social networking.



  • Collaborative process;
  • Green Information Technology;
  • Vehicle emission control;
  • Behavior intention;
  • Technology acceptance model;
  • Attitude toward behavior

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